Krug Champagne Launches Luxury Festival in English Countryside

Krug Festival

Krug has announced it will be hosting a lavish, Champagne, food and music festival in the English town of Hampshire, with tickets starting at £395 per person.

Champagne house Krug announced that it will host a luxury festival called ‘Into the Wild’ this summer, where guests will be treated to barbecued meats cooked on 10-feet-high fires and paired with Krug Champagne. There will also be music acts, but no names were disclosed.

Tickets for the festival, to be held on 29 July from 4pm to midnight, will cost £395 per person or £750 for a pair, said Krug.

It said the event will take place in the ‘grand English wilderness’ of Hampshire and will be set up in the grounds of The Grange, a 18th-century heritage site owned by the 7th Lord Ashburton. It’s a venue that already hosts an annual opera festival. 

Argentinian culinary master, Francis Mallmann will be headlining the event with his theatrical, fired-up food with his first ever solo UK consumer event. With music performances curated by the talented artists and the evening unified by the tasting notes of Krug champagne, the event will take guests on an unforgettable journey of discovery.

The event follows on from their ‘Krug Island’ project last year, when Krug Champagne partnered up with Mick Jones to throw an exclusive music festival on a private island off the coast of Essex. Young celebrities including Rafferty Law, Jaime Winstone and Tess Ward were in attendance.


Krug have invited the legendary Argentine chef, author, and restaurateur Francis Mallmann who will be enveloping guests during the event in a visual and culinary experience crafted and cooked by Francis himself. From the remote region of Patagonia, Mallman is best known for his dramatic openfire-style cooking. Using sand pits, trenches and home-made dome-shaped frames, Mallmann and his team will smoke, roast and char the menu across the three sites on The Grange – pairing each dish with a champagne from the Krug portfolio. With mammoth fires reaching 10 feet high, cooking locally sourced meat and vegetables for up to seven hours, guests will be privy to a rough luxury style of cooking and spectacular show.

Francis Mallman
Francis Mallman


Continuing to advocate emerging artists and cement their intrinsic link to music, Krug have partnered with specialist music and online platform, Mahogany, for Krug Festival – Into the Wild. Performers will be carefully selected to match the mood created by the theatrical settings during the evening, guiding guests through the smoke from space to space, dish to dish. The mahogany.sessions are a new generation music label, creating a buzz amongst music fans by delivering great, new music alongside creative video content to its subscribers and followers.

The festival will take place 4pm-midnight on July 29. Tickets include food, drink and return travel to London at the end of the evening. You can register your interest at

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